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This is a very common point of confusion. For this reason, in these pages and in all of our communication with you, we will always refer to a Benefit Corporation or a Certified B Corp in an effort to maintain clarity.

Ask yourself are they referring to a legal form or are they talking about a certification process. If the company is a “legal B Corp,” then that company is a Benefit Corporation. If the company is a Certified B Corp, there’s your answer. If you’re still confused, contact us and we’ll help you figure it out.

No. Although they require similar information, the processes for forming a Benefit Corporation or a Social Purpose Corporation are independent from obtaining B Corp Certification. And as benefit corporation legislation is only available in 27 states plus Washington D.C. as of January 2015, there are still 23 states where a company cannot legally become a benefit corporation. So your choices will be based on what state you chose to incorporate.
No, currently there are no tax incentives for a company choosing to incorporate as a Benefit Corporation or a Social Purpose Corporation. However, please remember that all of the charitable work that your company engages is may still be tax deductible!

Etsy: an e-commerce website for handmade goods based in Brooklyn, NY. They provide entrepreneurial education to underserved populations. Etsy was the first Benefit Corporation to go public in March 2015.

Patagonia: an outdoor outfitter company based in Ventura, CA. Patagonia was the first company to re-incorporate as a Benefit Corporation in 2012. They donate money and its employees donate time to various environmental projects in and outside California. Patagonia donated all $10M of its 2016 Black Friday sales to grassroots environmental groups fighting to protect vital natural resources.

Ben & Jerry’s: who hasn’t tasted the super-premium ice cream from South Burlington, VT? Ben & Jerry’s gives 7.5% pre-tax revenue to charity. It is the first wholly-owned subsidiary of Unilever to gain B Corp certification. FYI: You can enjoy a free cone from Ben & Jerry’s every year in April!

Hootsuite: more than 11M users, incl. 744 of the Fortune 1000 companies, manage their social media programs across multiple social networks from one integrated dashboard. Chances are you’ve heard of or use this Vancouver, BC based company to schedule your own social media postings.

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